Wine and castle tour in Germany

The starting point of our trip was Trier. We drove to Trier in Germany and from there we started our litle road trip. I advise you to do this by car because with public transportation you can not see so much in few days. And if you go to a wine tasting they offer mostly transportation back to your hotel. If not, taxiiiiii!

The best way to do the wine tour is follow the river Mossele. The Moselle rises at the Col de Bussang in  

the Vosges at approx. 735 meters and eventually ends at Koblenz in the Rhine. Approximately half of the 544 kilometer-long Moselle is in Germany. From Trier, the Moselle follows a route that is known for its many curves.


So we started in Trier, and explored that city first. Trier is one of the oldest cities of Germany and lies on the banks of the Moselle. The city was built for the Roman emperor Augustus and you will find a few things from Roman times. For example Porta Negra, one of the best kept Roman city gates. The city is very nice to walk around and you wil find beautifull squares full of terraces to enjoy the surroundings with a glass of wine. The birthhouse of Karl Marx is also in Trier, a museum now which you can visit. Next to the Porta Negra is the cites information center, from there it is possible to book your first wine tasting tour. 


We did it differently, we got a map, and just started driving along the Mosselle. The first vineyard we found was near Saarburg. 


The vineyard was built on a hillside. We were allowed to walk alongside the vines from the winegrower. The view was great on the river, the grapes were almost fully grown. Always ask if it's allowed to walk around. 


From there we we continued our tour to Saarburg. Saarburg is a litle village, also on the banks of the Mossele, It's a very touristic town but worth a visit because there is a waterfall in the middle of town. Also the town is filled with lots of terraces for a nice lunch or a nice cold drink. So that's what we did too, have lunch in Saarburg and after lunch walked around to see the waterfalls. While gazing at the waterfall we found the water mill in the middle of town, so we crossed the river and went to the water mill. The water mill is still working and there is also a museum. We visited the museum, mostly because than it was possible to get close to the water mill. 


The hills around Saarburg are also full with vineyards so lot's of pretty pictures to make there! Enjoy and walk around, the town has a very chill atmosphere and also a very nice icecream shop. 







 More about the wine tour and the castles in the Mossele area you can read in my next blog. For now if you have any questions, contact me via


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