2 days Liege/Luik

July 14, 2018

Liège or Luik (Dutch) is located in the province of Liège with the same name. The city is located on the Maas, about 30 km upstream from Maastricht, the Netherlands. The town's nickname is La Cité Ardente (De Vurige Stede). The name would be due to the industry: coal glass and steel, but also its inhabitants are given some fervor. The city of Liège has around 200,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest municipality in Belgium.


Liege is nice for shopping, but there are also many historic sights. The new central station also shows a beautiful piece of modern architecture. It is a fascinating but also cozy city so two days are so to be here!

We arrived on Sunday and that is market day in Liège, so first along the market. The Liège Market La Batte is every Sunday from 8:00 to 14:00 along the Meuse. You can buy vegetables, meat and fruit on the market, but also live chickens, pussies, dogs, clothes, toys and whatever else you could think of. The Sunday market of Liège is more than two kilometers long and is not to be missed. The market is located on the river near Qua de la Goffe and La Batte. When you are ready on the market, it is also wonderful to walk along the river.


If you want a little workout then go to Montagne de Bueren. 374 steps lead you up and you are treated to a spectacular view over the Liege. In a number of places on the stairs there are benches, where you can rest in the meantime. The first Saturday of October, the stairs are at their best because then the stairs are decorated with thousands of burning candles. From here you can walk on to the Citadel of Liège.


Take a lovely walk through La Boverie Park. This park served in 1905 as the background of the world exhibition where the Center for Fine Arts, now the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art was built.

Place du Marché. There is a cybernetic light tower in Parc de la Boverie. The cybernetic tower is a 52 meter high abstract sculpture with an open steel tube structure. The tower is made of a series of blades of different shapes and sizes, which transform when activated by an electronic brain. Apart from the metal structure, the whole cybernetic system is controlled by three 'organs': a lighting system, a sound system and an electronic brain. The latter controls the entire tower by triggering movement, music and lighting. Interesting to watch and listen to. 



Nightly entertainment and (heated) terraces can be found on this market square. It is bustling with conviviality. The market is surrounded by stately baroque houses from the 16th century. On Rue Saint-Gilles is the best beer temple in Liège Café Le Vaudrée II, time to grab a beer!

Another unmissable Liège delicacy is of course the waffle. In many places in the city available, does not go so well with a beer.

This city full of winding streets and alleys is pre-eminently fine as a walking city. While walking, you can see many old buildings, visit parks and admire nostalgic houses. While walking you also pass the many nice restaurants, cafes and terraces.



BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year round 


TIME DIFFERENCE: Western Europe time Zone 

CAPITAL: Brussel 

NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES:  Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Germany 

POPULATION: 11,35 million 

VISA: Check https://www.passportindex.org/visa.php  

- Languages Dutch and French 
- Kingdom 
- national holiday 21 July

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