Bärlin Berlin, day 1

September 8, 2017

Yes last Friday it was time for my first trip to Berlin. I was very exited to go since I heard a lot of people with interesting stories of Berlin. Its hip, its happening and also interesting! A city with lots of history and after all the happened to the city it rebuilds and some people even say it's the new New York!


Little fact: Bärlin is a nickname for Berlin because of the bear of Berlin a symbol of the city. I did not know this before but when you are there your really see it a lot. Even in international places like Hard Rock Cafe. After a little research I found out that the bear is on a stamp since 1280 and since 1911 on the flag of city Berlin since 1280.


We arrived to the hotel in the area Gesundbrunnen very near the metro so very convenient to explore the city. With a group of 4 (max 5) its cheapest to get a small group day ticket for metro, so that's what we did. First trip we went to Potzdammer Platz. This square used to be hip and happening and beautiful in the roaring twenties but in the war and during the wall period all buildings were torn down there. Now thanks to a lot of foreign investors the area is rebuild with modern buildings which (my opinion) is not really beautiful looking. But! Yes there is a but it is a good area for dining, lots of restaurants which are not to pricey so certainly worth a visit and then you can decide for yourself if the square is beautiful or not. Our first quest was to find some food since we were all hungry from the trip and we ended up at Gasthaus Alt Bayern. A very German place, the staff was dressed like Hansl und Gretel, so we ordered German food. I had the roast beef, it was truly delicious only not so much. From most German I am used to big portions and this just was different. It was enough to proceed our quest to explore the city.



From the restaurant we walked to Brandenburger Tor and crossed the Tiergartenpark to head to Kurfürstendamm. In between we visited the Berlin Victory Column. For 3 euros you can climb up to the top. A bit of a climb since there is no elevator but worth it. At the first floor beautiful mosaic on the walls showing the victories. When you manage to climb all the stairs you have a great view! And also little workout which gives you permission to take extra beer later. Berliners or maybe even all Germans like their beers, we spotted lots of people on the streets while drinking half a liter of beer. Not so common where I come from, not even allowed I think but when in Berlin no worries!


After the climbing and walking we worked up our appetites and we found Hard Rock Cafe on Kurfürstendamm. Mostly I prefer to eat local when I travel but I must say the food and atmosphere at Hard Rock Cafe's all over the world where I visited is always good! They show a lot of memorials of all kind of famous artist. In the Berlin restaurant they even had a guitar made from the wall and barbed wire. Dinner was great and also cocktails there we took a little walk to the metro and while walking there we passed the Gedächtniskirche. It was closed but very nice lighted in the evening. We took the metro or U bahn back to the hotel.


Here some apps which are very useful to download on your smart phone for Berlin. They all do the same but you can choose which one works best for you.
- Google maps: make your travel plan for walking, car, public transportation or Uber
- Linenetwork Berlin: plan your public transportation
- Bus & Bahn: plan your route via public transportation 


If you want more information about the restaurants and places we visited hit the "Tripadvisor" button. I reviewed all there. And if you have any questions of remarks, please let me know.





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