Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

July 19, 2017

I saw pics of pink waters in rivers on the internet many times. It looks unreal, but there are pink lakes and rivers in several places in the world. In Senegal you find Lac Retba, in Australia lake Hillier, the pink salt lake in Torrevieja, Spain and Le Salin D’Aigues Mortes in France. Even in the Netherlands they found a pink lake a few days ago called 'vogelplas Wagejot'. I did not visit those but i visited Las Coloradas in Mexico.


Las Coloradas, the pink lakes in Mexico

This is one of the most amazing places i visited in Mexico. The water is unbelievable pink and looks amazing. Las Coloradas is part of Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve and is located in Yucatán's largest wetland area. In this natural reserve is more than 150,000 hectares large and has a very large group of flamingos, crocodiles, sea turtles, jaguars and seabirds live in the area. The pink color in the water is due to the fact that the high salt concentration of the lake breaks the light rays differently due to the presence of red plankton and micro bacteria. Due to the high salt concentration there is virtually no life in the water and bathers can float in the water as in the Dead Sea. In contrast to the Dead Sea it is not allowed to swim or bath in the pink lakes of Las Coloradas. I was a bit of a rebel though and walked in to the water up to my ankles and the water felt very greasy and thick, so not very encouraging to go swimming.


We followed the river to the sea and it was surprising to see that the pink water did not mix with the seawater (check out the pic below), i don't  know the reason why. The view was amazing as we walked on the beach until we found a lot of trash. Such spoiling of this beautiful beach was really a pity, so we decided to pick up the trash before we left the beach. Hopefully, in the future, it will be normal for everyone to take their own litter and not just leave behind on the beach or in the nature.


After Las Coloradas we drove to Rio Lagartos, A small town and we stayed in hotel Villa de Pescadores. After check in we walked over the Malecon and found a great fish restaurant. This is the best recommendation if you like to eat fish. The name of the restaurant is Macumba. We ordered dinner, fish of the day, and while waiting the waiter invited us up to the roof to see the sunset. It was a great view on Rio Lagartos and the flamingos there. After the sun went down we went down and dinner was served. The fish was delicious! We toasted on a beautiful day!


The next morning we headed to the main square for an early and quick breakfast. We found a fisherman who took us on a boat trip on Rio Lagartos, and early morning is the best time to spot wildlife. We saw many birds among which, flamingos, pelicans and many more. At one point the water was very shallow so we could spot the flamingos from up close. You know they are pink but if you see them really close, it still surprised me what a bright pink color they have. It's really worth it to take the boat trip while visiting Rio Lagartos.








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