Taxco, the silver city

September 23, 2017

While visiting Mexico City I was invited to visit Taxco. I have been to Mexico many times but never heard of Taxco. Now I will never forget!


From Mexico City we took the bus to Taxco. We took the bus from the South  

bus station (autobuses Central del Sur). A one way ticket was 202 pesos (€ 9,50 and $ 11,40) pp. After a three hour drive we arrived at the bus station in Taxco. From there we took a collectivo to 'zocalo' the main city square. When you take the bus don’t forget to bring a sweater because air-conditioning is always sky-high in the long distance buses.


Taxco is a beautiful city in Mexico built on a hill in the state of Guerrero and founded in the year 1529. The city is rich with culture, silver mines, it has narrow and picturesque streets and hundreds of silver shops and markets. Although it is built on a hill, the temperatures are very nice and not cold while we were visiting in march. Not even in the evening we needed a jacket.


When we arrived it just began to twilight, we walked through a narrow street passing a small gate and I fell in love with Taxco straight away. We planned to spend 3 days but ended up staying four! Walking is the best way to see Taxco and it is good exercise too! When you are tired of walking take one of the authentic Beetle taxi's. If you love VW Beetles Taxco is a must! I've never seen so many Beetles in such a short time.


Here are my top 9 things to do in and near Taxco


This is the center of Taxco. Enjoy an ice cream and sit down on a bench on the square to experience the atmosphere at night. Its always lively and looks beautiful also in the evenings.


Santa Prisca Church

The church is located on the Zocalo and is built in baroque style. The architect was José de la Borda and he build the church between 1751 and 1758. The inside is with beautiful art and on the right side you can go out to have a great view of the city.


The Silver museum (Museo de la plateria)

It’s a bit of a tourist trap but I never seen a silver mine before so it was interesting. You go down in the mine and they show you how they find the silver. It could have been more interesting if they show how they extract the silver from the rocks but you have to use your imagination. The guide does its very best to make the best pictures of you in the mine so you go home with a nice free souvenir. They also have a mini show to show how the people in pre-hispanic times worked in the silver mine. After the show a tip for the actor is requested and after the tour another one for the guide. 


Flautas and pozole

Not really something to see but something to eat! Not the famous Mexican food but delicious as well! Try flautas at Pozoleria Tia Calla. Also the pozole is very good. They offer green and red pozole. Tia Calle has several restaurants in Taxco and I advise you to go to the one across the bus station because from the back you have a great view of Taxco.


Mercado de plata

Visit one of the many silver markets in Taxco. You can find the most beautiful items while strolling through the narrow streets of the market.


Mercade de artesanias

This market is located directly behind Santa Prisca's Parish Church. It is a very popular market and offers a great variety of silver jewlery and handcrafts made of various materials. Painted in the typical theme of the state of Guerrero. In this place you will surely find a very nice special souvenir to bring home so you can still enjoy the memories of Taxco in your home. Do not forget to bargain the price which is part of the culture in Mexico.


Just walk

I can give lots of tips but don’t forget just to walk through the city and experience it. It is a great atmosphere, a bit of a workout too but you will find the most beautiful spots, views, and photo moments. Especially with all the Beetles driving around in the city, which makes the walk extra special. For me it got to be a sport to wait to make a photo until I saw a beetle in my lens. There are so many there so i won't really takes you a lot more time. Its really cool if you like beetles. I even made a pic where a taxi drive picked up a balloon salesman including all his balloons. It became a real cool pic with the Santa Prisca in the background.



Take the teleferico (cable car) up to hotel Monte Taxco Inn for amazing view and for having a bite. I didn’t eat there but you can find recommendations on Tripadvisor.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Parc 
At the bus station of Taxco you can take a collectivo that takes you to the entrance of the caves. It is one of the biggest cave systems in the world! It is a “live” cave system, meaning that groundwater still filters down into it, and that the formations (stalactites and stalagmites) there are still growing. Inside the cave system are ninety large “salons” separated by large natural rock walls and connected to one another via a central gallery. 


However, only about twenty of these are fully explored and open to the public. Tours of the open cave system run every hour and last about two hours. The tour was a bit boring, because the guide did not tell much of the history of the cave but was more pointing to the formations and asking what people thought they looked like. There was a very nice walkway and stairs case inside of the cave. On the walkway to the entrance there are a couple of huge Ficus trees with their roots wound around the rocky walls of Limontitla Canyon. A very unique view of what mother nature can do. The entrance is a large arch about forty meters wide and twelve meters tall. From the entrance, one descends about twenty meters to the level of the caverns. There is artificial illumination on both the path and parts of the salons. This makes it convenient to see where you walk, however since the colors of the lights change it doesn’t make the formations look very natural.


Do not forget to bring mosquito spray! While leaving the cave I was eaten alive by very small nasty mosquito's and did not even notice it! I do want that the same thing happens to you. 














So when in Mexico do not hesitate to visit Taxco. Enjoy!










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