My never ending bucket list!

March 23, 2016

It's always good to have plans so I am always adding destinations to my bucket list. Ehm not only destinations but also things I want to do and although I do a lot the list is always getting longer. I won't bore you with my whole list but here something maybe that inspire you to also do it or put it on your bucket list.o create your first blog post, click here and select 'Manage Posts' > New Post. Blogs are a great way to connect with your audience and keep them coming back. 


-  'la tomatina' This is a party celebrated in the Spanish village of Buñol in the Spanish province of Valencia. This is an annual recurrent tomato fight on the last Wednesday of august


-  See the milky way! Don't exactly know yet how and where is the best way to do this. So some research needed when the time is there.

-   Machu Picchu, the ancient city of the Inca's

-   Spot whales. I would like to do that in South Africa or Canada

-  Swim with whale sharks. I tried once in Mexico but it failed because of rain and lack of time

-  Go to Sitges festival in Hungary

-  Visit Christ the redeemer in Brazil

-  Go to Burning Man festival

-  Spot the big 5 on a safari in Africa!

-  Eat sushi in Japan

-  Walk on the Chinese wall

-  Dance at Distant Heat Festival in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

-  Make a buddy jump with a parachute

-  Drink a port in Porto


OMG while writing this I find myself unstoppable haha. So I quit now and need to keep this list In mind before I plan another trip spontaneously. But on the other hand..... I also want on my bucket list to take spontaneous trips! Hmm more dilemma's :)





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