About Me

Hi! I’m Monique, a Dutch native who loves to travel all around the world. But since i have a fulltime job i have not been able to see all the continents yet. I have visited  46 countries in 4 continents. Some of those countries i have visited serveral times because well you get to love some countries. Like Mexico, it feels like my second home. 

With my blog i hope to inspire people to lead a more traveling lifestyle. Its a bit corny but while traveling for many years i learned a lot of travelquotes are true. Like travel makes you richer, you learn a lot from traveling. And also you learn to understand other cultures more. Which is good for everyone because we live in a multicultural environment everywhere these days. 


I still have some big wishes on my bucketlist but also knocked of a few.  I will share my travel adventures here with you but also the litle travel adventures i have while i am at home. You dont need to travel far to explore the world.